By Jay Lloyd


By Jay Lloyd


BRONX, N.Y. (CBS) — We recently paid a visit to the Bronx Zoo, where African plains and an Arctic ice floe are part of a forested oasis not far from the concrete canyons of Manhattan.

Lions and tigers and bears -– oh wow!   From the moment you pass through the Bronx Zoo’s gates, you’re surrounded by forest and flowing streams that provide a natural habitat for the world’s unique and endangered animals.

For New Yorkers, this zoo is a big part of growing up a city kid.

“This zoo is huge compared to some other zoos,” noted one visitor. “And it’s nice seeing the animals in their natural habitat,” he added.

There have been dramatic changes here over the years, but unchanged (and my boyhood favorite) is the seal pool and the feeding-time antics that take place there.

For some, new life in this animal kingdom is a major attraction.

“I’m waiting to see the snow leopard kitten — that’s why I’m here today,” said one female visitor.

The baby snow leopard joins a baby red panda and a trio of young tigers.

But the sight to behold is a pair of ostriches herding a family of giraffes!

(Giraffes and ostriches share the same African habitat at the Bronx Zoo.  Photo by Jay Lloyd)

(Giraffes and ostriches share the same lush African habitat at the Bronx Zoo. Photo by Jay Lloyd)


Some tips: If it’s a first visit, ask for “general admission” prices — they are not posted.   And if you stay in Manhattan, grab an express bus to the zoo — don’t try to drive it.

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