By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Water is a precious resource that many of us in this country may take for granted. A well renowned scientist will be in town Friday to talk about the challenges and solutions of global water.

In this country most of us turn on the faucet and out comes a necessity to life, fresh water, but it’s something that people in certain parts of the world do not have easy access too.

“We face problems with water availability, water quality. There is growing competition for fresh water,” says Dr. Peter Gleick, a well-known water and climate change expert. “It’s the 21st century and we have failed to provide safe water and sanitation for billions of people. The climate is changing because of human activities and that’s going to affect water resources and there is conflict over water, we fight increasingly over access to fresh water, over water availability and quality. I think all of those challenges have to be addressed as we move forward.

Dr. Gleick says Americans are ignorant to tap water quality.

“We drink a lot of bottle water and I think it’s expensive and I think it’s mostly unnecessary,” he says. “And I think it reflects that people are afraid of their tap water and their not quite sure of the quality, and I think people have been sold a bill of goods by advertisers. I think it’s harder to find public water fountains, all of those thing have contributed to the growth of bottle water industry. I think it’s something that we ought to push back-on, we ought to be proud of our tap water system. And we ought to improve it and promote it.”

The Fairmount Water Works interpretive Center is hosting Dr. Gleick on October 25th as the watershed education hub celebrates it’s 10th anniversary.

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