Help Available If You Owe Real Estate Taxes In Philly

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By Jim Donovan:  The City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue has announced the start of a new repayment program aimed at helping owner-occupied homeowners with past due and delinquent real estate taxes.

The Owner-Occupied Real Estate Payment Agreement allows homeowners to make monthly payments on their past due real estate taxes.   The monthly payments will be calculated using a tier system based on household income and family size.

Using a family of four as an example:

Monthly income is $3,301 – $4621. These households must pay 10% of their monthly household income. They are entitled to a waiver of 100% of the penalties that have accrued.

Monthly income is $1,981 – $3,300. These must pay 8% of their monthly household income.  They are entitled to a waiver of 50% of the interest and 100% of the penalties that have accrued.

Monthly income is $0 – $1,980. These household must pay 5% of their monthly income but no less than $25 per month. They are entitled to a waiver of %100 of the interest and %100 percent of the penalties that have accrued on the account.

If your monthly income is greater than $4621, you are eligible for a repayment plan but must pay the full amount of past due real estate taxes including penalties and interest. Monthly payment amount will be at the discretion of the Revenue Department.

To qualify and continue on the one-time re-payment plan, applicants must remain current or under an agreement for current year and future real estate taxes.

To apply for the program, residents can visit the Revenue Department’s website at for an application or visit the Department of Revenue at Municipal Services Building, 1401 JFK Blvd., Concourse level. Applicants should bring proof of income to apply.

The Owner Occupied Real Estate Payment Agreement is one of several tax assistance programs available to Philadelphia residents. For more information visit the website at or call 215-686-6442.

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