By Diana Rocco

GILBERTON, Pa. (CBS) — A Pennsylvania police chief caught on tape ranting and shooting guns was set to be fired Thursday night at a meeting.

That is — until a gun stopped the meeting in its tracks.

A loaded semi-automatic fell out of someone’s holster and crashed onto a concrete floor at the meeting in Gilberton, Schuylkill County.

The profanity ridden, gun-wielding top cop from Gilberton is on trial for his job after this youtube video spouting his First and Second Amendment rights went viral.

During a hearing for Chief Mark Kessler Thursday, arguing to keep his job, a loaded gun dropped on the floor.

“That was a loaded hand gun, a full clip. Now, the gentleman was kind enough to say that it was not chambered, but there was certainly ammunition in the clip,” Attorney Joseph Nahas said.

“The attorney looked down and saw the gun. It wasn’t a good thing with all the people in there,” Bob Belfiore said.

Witnesses say it was brought in by a supporter and slipped from its holster. This is video of Kessler’s attorney arguing to move things to a safer place, but to no avail, as supporters of the suspended chief crowded a tiny borough building.

“We’re here to support Mark Kessler and his stand for the Constitution,”  Kathy Stephen said.

“He’s trying to protect our rights,” Belfiore said.

The committee charges Kessler violated his duties unrelated to the video and should be fired — claims his attorney calls “trumped up.”

“Smoke and mirrors. To go forth with and terminate Kessler based on the videos that he posted,” Nahas said.

Despite the gun incident the hearing continued. Kessler has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of this termination hearing. The borough council heard arguments and is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks.

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