By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two big takeaways from yesterday’s Eagles game: First, boy are the Giants terrible. Just a terrible, terrible football team. Second, and probably more importantly, we have ourselves a quarterback controversy! Finally! Sure feels like home, doesn’t it?

Gold Star – Eli Manning

I feel like I’ve had argument after argument about Eli and Peyton Manning. Those who have suggested that Eli is a superior player due to his two Super Bowl rings, need not look further than this season to rest that case forever. It’s absolutely certain that Eli doesn’t have much to work with, but regardless of supporting cast, Peyton Manning has never looked this bad.

So after three interceptions, why is Eli Manning getting a gold star? Because without Eli Manning, it’s quite possible the Eagles lose that game yesterday.

Demerit – Tom Coughlin

As bad as the Giants were, we couldn’t get a red face out of Coughlin? I feel cheated. One of the best parts of being the giants is watching Coughlin look like a stop sign as his team blows the game. He looks resigned to losing, and the team is happy to oblige.

I’ll tell you what though, blowing the time out to call a challenge that failed, burning two time outs at once was the stuff of legend.

Gold Star – DeSean Jackson

Seven catches for 132 yards and a touchdown is big, but it wasn’t the biggest thing Jackson did yesterday.

The biggest thing was doing Victor Cruz’s salsa dance after scoring that touchdown.

Demerit – The Refs

There are bad calls in every game, but this game is ours, so I’ll point these out.

That was definitely a safety for Cedric Thornton. And that was definitely not pass interference on Brandon Boykin.

And oh by the way, I don’t think that was a catch by LeSean McCoy.

Gold Star – Nick Foles

Foles played well. Not as well as we’re giving him credit for, but well enough to give us a quarterback controversy. And I’ll tell you, there’s not much more we can ask for. I’m just surprised it took five games.

Demerit – New York Giants Fans

With the game not out of reach in the fourth quarter, Giants fans gave up and walked out.

Not surprising, but still worth point out. Frauds.

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