Philadelphia has some of the best universities with strong technology programs and with a city that has those types of universities they are finding more tech startups launch everyday. Compared to less costly cities like New York, Philadelphia has a lot of appeal, not to mention the convenience to major metropolitan areas.

(Photo Courtesy of Jeff Patti)

(Photo Courtesy of Jeff Patti)

Jeff Patti, a graduate of Drexel University with a computer science degree, is a member of the growing technology community in Philadelphia. As a member of the company Monetate, Patti develops software solutions for Monetate’s customers who are looking to drive revenue to their business through digital marketing.

What sort of education is needed to successfully do your job?

“Students coming out of a computer science program should have picked up a set of core skills that will prepare them for the professional world. These include the ability to think analytically, decompose hard problems into accomplishable pieces and programs.”

“The most important education for software developers is continuing education. Regardless of your background, you have to keep your skills up to date to remain relevant. A degree in computer science can provide a good base of experience to build upon, but is not sufficient for long-term success in the field.”

Do you believe education plays a vital role in landing a great job in the technology field?

“Traditional education is a strong indicator for ability and experience, but is not necessary or sufficient to be a great engineer. In addition to traditional education, experience and ability can be gained through personal programming projects, internships or relevant entry-level jobs.”

What is the most relevant aspect of your education that applies to your day-to-day job?

“The thing I learned in college that serves me best in my day-to-day work is learning how I learn best. For example, I learn best by trying, doing and sometimes failing at new things. Knowing this has allowed me to pick up new skills and technologies as I’ve needed them for my work.”

What do you enjoy about your job?

“I love to solve challenging technical problems on a daily basis as well as learning from excellent co-workers. I also like that Monetate is a pet-friendly office; having dogs around makes work a lot more fun.”

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