Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Heading For Warmer Waters

(Captail Bill Blades at the helm of the "Tamarak."  Photo provided)

(Captail Bill Blades at the helm of the “Tamarak.” Photo provided)

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By Jay Lloyd

ROCK HALL, Md. (CBS) — An armada of sailing snowbirds are on the move this week, heading to warmer climes.  And they won’t return till spring.

So today we say bon voyage to a waterfront friend.

Captain Bill Blades retired from the board of the Reading Terminal Market to spend his days sailing the northern Chesapeake Bay.

Now he’s getting his 38-foot seagoing boat, Tamarak, ready to cast off for the balmy breezes of Florida.

His route will involve a leisurely passage to explore picturesque rivers on the lower reaches of the Chesapeake.

“Rapahannock, Potomac, James, and the western shore of Virginia,” Captain Bill recites.  Then he’ll set a southern course on the Intracoastal Waterway to a winter mooring in the harbor at fabled Coconut Grove, Fla., near Miami.

The boat will be his home.

“The old Coconut Grove is a fascinating tropical paradise,” he notes.

And when spring arrives, Captain Bill will slip his mooring and reverse course.  Destination: the eastern shore of Maryland.

So how do you get in on this?  Simply cultivate some sailing snowbird friends. There just may be an invitation in your future!

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