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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders are definitely the most fashionable cheerleaders this season.  Why you ask?  Fashion designer Vera Wang created the cheerleaders’ new gear. The cheerleaders wore their new kicks during the Eagles’ home opener on September 15.

Wang designed their track jackets, to crop tops, and even their sparkly black sneakers.

“Vera beautifully achieved our vision for the signature pieces with a fashion forward and sporty look that represents our style. We feel the uniforms are ideal for the cutting-edge image of the cheerleaders – chic while displaying athleticism,” Christina Weiss Lurie, President of Eagles Youth Partnership and Eagles Social Responsibility said in a statement.

Vera Wang felt honored when asked to fashion the new attire.

“It was an honor to create the uniform design that has now become synonymous with the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. I always embrace the opportunity to work on extensions of my original creations and enjoyed designing new signature pieces for the beautiful and talented cheerleaders to wear this year,” Wang said.

The signature pieces can be seen during the Eagles game versus the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

What do you think of the new cheerleaders’ outfits?

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