By Robin Culverwell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two area professionals are among this year’s crop of MacArthur Foundation Fellows, each winning national recognition for their work as well as a financial award.

University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor Angela Duckworth taught seventh grade for years and found that determination and “stick-to-it-ness” are indicators of educational success and can be learned.

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner and a team of researchers determined that it takes a team of doctors, nurses and social workers to help the most underserved navigate the health care system.

“You go to the doctor and it’s overwhelming, confusing, it’s hard to access, you get admitted to the hospital and ten different doctors come to the bedside and you start to realize that none of them are talking to one another,” said Dr. Brenner.

Brenner is the executive director of the Camden Coalition of Health Care Providers, which helps train people to be their own best advocate. They also help navigate the health care system over a 90 day period – often starting when the patient is hospitalized.

Each MacArthur fellow wins $625,000 stipend distributed over five years.

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