By Dr. Brian McDonough

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We are a nation that wants to stay young or at least we are a nation where popular culture seems to emphasize it. I am less concerned about looking young than I am about feeling healthy.

You don’t have to use special facial creams or start the latest fad diet. It is much simpler and it is less expensive. The most important step is eating a balanced diet; plenty of fruits and vegetables, you want to try to cut back on sugar and pre-processed foods.

But here is a major point: you don’t have to be perfect. You can have a piece of cake or pie and stop at a fast-food restaurant every now and then. Just limit the high-risk exposure.

The other major step is exercise. Once again, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete. Just get out there and participate. Make it fun. When you exercise you are making an investment in your health and you won’t want to eat poorly and undo all of the good you did.

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