By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police commanders handed out commendation citations to more than 80 officers Wednesday afternoon during ceremonies held in the Fraternal Order of Police headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia.

KYW Newsradio’s Mark Abrams has the story of two Sixth District officers who were recognized for a dangerous confrontation with a gunman during a large fight.

Officer Quay Chim remembers the night well.

It was January 13th and he and Officer Joseph Green were patrolling in Old City when they came upon a large crowd.

Chim recalls the two waded in and separated the groups near 2nd Street as they called for back-up.

And then, Chim says, a man yelled to him that someone in the crowd fired a gun.

“As I drew my attention towards that male that’s when I observed the handgun fall out. And a struggle ensued and he was Tasered. The Taser had no effect. He ran.”

Chim’s partner, Green, a six-year-veteran, picks up the story.

“I heard Chim’s Taser go off and he just yelled: ‘Gun!’ So then I started chasing the guy and we were able to get him.”

Chim, is a 13-year-veteran of the force.

“It was a scary night. I’m just glad everything worked out the way it did. You know we both went home, bad guy went to jail, so it’s a good night.”

A Sixth District captain says neighborhood video recovered after the incident showed the gun had been pointed right at Chim, but the pair’s quick action prevented a tragedy.

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