PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chip Kelly brushed aside any suggestion that the scuffle between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams on Thursday will have any lasting effects.

“[There was no fallout]. We went right back to team period right after that. Both those guys lined up and played,” Kelly said Friday. “As a matter of fact, Mike [Vick] threw a ball deep to Riley [Cooper] on the first play of team period, and Cary [Williams] was covering him. I don’t see a follow up, whatsoever.”

Williams declined to speak after practice, but Cooper and many other players downplayed the conflict as well.

Kelly did say that it was something worth addressing with Williams, who scuffled with a Patriots player when the teams practiced together.

“We’ve talked to him about it. Hopefully he understands the ramifications, what it is. It’s a team game,” Kelly said. “Like I said, our whole deal we talk about all the time, you have to play with emotion, not let emotion play with you.”

Kelly was asked if he believes there is a connection between Cooper’s use of a racial slur that was revealed earlier in training camp and Thursday’s fight.

“No. Do I think that was connected? No, not at all.”

Kelly said that he doesn’t think Williams has been a problem in the locker room, and explained why they got him in the first place.

“Length. I thought we wanted to get bigger and taller at corner. His competitive edge. When you look at him, he’s such a competitive person,” Kelly said. “He’s always around the ball. I think he can make a lot of plays on the football. He gives you the ability to play some man coverage and blitz people because of his ability to play press.”

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