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By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Samsung has beaten its chief rival Apple to the punch by unveiling a smartwatch. It’s called the Galaxy Gear.

If the future is something fewer people are wearing, now that their smartphone tells the time.

In fact, to use the smartwatch, you’ll need that device, or a tablet, in pocket — and a Samsung-branded one at that — says the company’s Pranav Mistry.

“When I receive a phone call, all I have to do is raise my hand to my ear, and I’m ready to talk. We have uniquely positioned the speakers and microphones so you can talk as you would on a regular phone,” Mistry said.

The screen is smaller than two diagonal inches. It displays incoming message alerts, and there are apps designed for the Gear. In the wristband is a basic camera.

“Just one quick swipe down and click. I just took a picture,” Mistry said.

Samsung claims 25 hours of battery life on their $300 smartwatch that’s out next month.

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