By Dan Wing

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Earlier this year, Wildwood became the first town in New Jersey to enact an ordinance that bans people from sagging their pants (see previous story). Tuesday night a town in Salem County followed suit, approving a ban on saggy pants by a unanimous vote.

Penns Grove Mayor John Washington and the Borough Council all seemed to be on the same page about the ordinance which is not meant to punish residents for dressing a certain way, but instead it’s meant to help residents set themselves up for the better future, according to Councilman Carl Washington, Jr.

“Its not that we’re telling them what to wear or how to dress, but we’re trying to set a positive role model because you can not get a decent job, a decent career, anything, if you’re walking around sagging,” said the councilman.

Council President Clifford Poindexter agreed that the ordinance was about setting a proper example for younger residents, but Poindexter was the only official to admit that he didn’t fully agree with ordinance.

“My heart and my decision lies in the future of my future. Granted these are not my children, but in my position as I’m sitting up here – I’m treating them like they are,” said Poindexter.

Residents at the meeting raised concerns about profiling and harassment by police, but Mayor Washington and the Council assured residents that would not be the case. Officials also assured residents that police will give warnings to anyone in violation of the ordinance, but repeat offenders will face fines or community service.

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