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Stigall Show Log 8.29.13

6:11 President Obama spoke yesterday in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

6:15 President Obama also addressed potential military actions against Syria.

6:40 Chris revisits yesterday’s interview with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

7:11 The Corbett is administration is arguing that gay marriage licenses issued in Montgomery County are invalid.

7:15 New Hope Mayor Larry Keller has declined to perform same sex marriages.

7:26 Fast food workers are set to walk off the job in several cities today in an effort to get higher wages.

7:41 Residents of Center City are upset with union protesters blasting babies crying outside of a hotel renovation.

7:50 Cancer patients in Great Britain have a worse chance of surviving than in any other developed country.

8:10 Chris talks to writer Lisa DePaulo about her article in Philadelphia Magazine on the death of high profile attorney Chuck Peruto’s girlfriend.

9:10 Chris talks to Comedian Tom Segura, who will be performing at Helium this weekend.

9:26 Despite believing in gay marriage, the mayor of New Hope is honoring the laws in place.

9:39 In the New Jersey Senate race, Steve Lonegan said Corey Booker is being ambiguous about his sexuality in order to get the gay vote.

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    […] Stigall Show Log 8.29.13Chris reviews President Obama’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial and his comments on Syria, the decision of New Hope’s mayor not to perform same sex marriages, and cancer survival rates in Great Britain. He talks to Lisa DePaulo about her article in Philadelphia Magazine and Comedian Tom Segura. […]

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