By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A gun control advocacy group is asking mothers to skip the trip to Starbucks on Saturday, an action intended to persuade the coffee purveyor to rethink its policy of allowing customers to openly carry guns in states where it’s legal.

Earlier this month, gun owners held a Starbucks Appreciation Day, conspicuously packing heat while sipping caramel macchiatos. Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense Pennsylvania chapter leader Christine Licata says the corporate policy turns the coffee shop from haven to hazard.

“As moms we don’t feel comfortable going into a setting where there is likely one or many people carrying weapons. We don’t feel that’s a safe place to bring our family.”

As for the argument that the public would be safer if more good guys had guns, Licata says armed guards didn’t stop Columbine.

“Earlier this week, there was a gunman that went into an elementary school, and he was stopped by somebody without a gun, with kind words. I don’t think that adding more guns to the situation is the answer.”

A gun law reform group is asking the public to skip the trip to Starbucks this Saturday, to push the coffee chain to end its policy allowing gun owners to openly pack heat.

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