By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You’re gonna need a bigger pot. Maybe you’ve had a holly or a spruce or some deciduous tree or shrub in a pot since the spring that’s been doing fine all summer. But to get through winter, a bigger pot can help a lot.

Growing a plant in a pot is essentially like moving it two zones further north -like to New England – because the roots don’t have the ground around them for insulation. By moving the plant into a much larger pot, there’ll be more soil around it to protect the roots. And when repotting, lots of gardeners recommend lining the insides of that bigger pot with bubble wrap to insulate the plant and pot against freezing and thawing (Just be careful not to cover the drainhole at the bottom of the pot!)

Why am I telling you this in August? Because you can’t really do it when it’s cold outside; yanking a frozen block of soil out of a pot isn’t fun for you or the plant.

Plus, giant plant pots can be pricey, and the end of the season is when lots of them go on sale.

You’re gonna need a bigger pot. Go get one now.

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