By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As the probe into the deadly June collapse of a Center City building continues, a special city council committee held its fifth and final public hearing Thursday on demolition and safety recommendations.

Now that the committee heard testimony and recommendation by experts in demolition and safety, as well from the public, information given will now be weighed and put into a draft form. It will be shared with the full Council, the Mayor and the head of Licenses and Inspection.

The special investigative committee is chaired by Councilman Curtis Jones.

“And we want to work with the administration to talk about what the impact of these recommendations will be on them, animal, vegetable and mineral. It’s going to cost more. If we have to hire more L&I inspectors or increase the quality of training among the work force, so be it,” said Jones.

The report will be presented to all the members of City Council in September.

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