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Fibrex® Window Material Explained: Fibrex® Window Review

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If you are shopping for replacement windows, you’re probably curious about a widely advertised window material called Fibrex®. So what is Fibrex®? Fibrex® is the material that makes up the window frame of Renewal by Andersen Windows.

fibrex material

According to the Anderson Window Website Fibrex® is a “blend of 40 percent wood fiber by weight, mostly reclaimed from Andersen manufacturing processes, with 60 percent thermoplastic polymer by weight.”

What that “really” means is Fibrex® is 40% Wood Pulp (similar to Saw Dust) and 60% Vinyl-like products. Thus the term thermoPLASTIC! For a company that sells itself as a BETTER Alternative to Vinyl, isn’t it interesting that they use 60% vinyl-like products in the construction?

Fibrex® Window Cost Review

With Fibrex® Windows being nearly 60% made up of thermoplastic materials similar to Vinyl, you would assume that the Fibrex® window would be approximately 40% more than Vinyl, however, these windows can COST UPWARDS OF 3X THE COST OF VINYL!

The reason Renewable By Andersen Fibrex® Windows cost so much is because they spend MILLIONS of DOLLARS on ADVERTISING and INFERIOR PRODUCT to other high end composite windows.

In addition, Renewable By Andersen trains a professional sales staff to sell their windows which means you could be paying a high commission on your product. What’s even more astounding is that many of these “salesmen” use old school tactics including price drops of over 50% all to give you the “illusion” of a premium quality window at a “good price.”

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Fiberglass Windows vs. Fibrex® Windows

Since we already determined that Fibrex® Windows are not a true alternative to vinyl windows that warp, fade and off-gass overtime, let’s look at a window that is far and away superior to Vinyl, Infinity Fiberglass Windows by Marvin that use ULTREX FIBERGLASS.

  • Fibrex v Ultrex:  Ultrex Fiberglass contains 0% vinyl whereas Fibrex contains up to 40% vinyl and the rest wood pulp. They call it Fibrex to confuse homeowners, but ask them what it is really made of…
  • Expansion & Contraction:  Wood and vinyl composites like Renewal by Anderson expand and contract 3X greater than Ultrex
  • Acrylic Coated: Exterior acrylic finish is more durable than Anderson’s exterior finishes and giving Marvin Window NJ maximum color retention
  • Green(Contains no Vinyl) Ultrex is inert, unlike vinyl/wood composites, which can emit harmful environmental gas, pigments, and dyes as it degrades

fibrex window review

For more information and to Compare Marvin Fiberglass Windows vs Renewal by Andersen Windows call 877-387-3093.

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