By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The ASPCA states that although the temptation is there to shave your pet in the summer months, it seems to be in their best interest not to, and here’s why.

First, although it seems burdensome to us for our dogs to carry around so much fur, your dog’s coat actually provides some relief from the heat, as it acts as a type of insulation. With several layers which are essential to your dog’s comfort naturally in different temperatures including the heat, the coat acts as a natural cooling system. Without it, there is the potential of overheating and discomfort.

Your dog, not unlike you, can also be in danger of sunburn as well as skin cancer. There is always the potential on the vulnerable areas such as the nose, tips of the ears, the tail and the stomach area but shaving the coat puts your dog at an even greater risk, especially for thin coated dogs, as well as dogs with white and lighter-colored coats.

You can keep your dog healthy and groomed by trimming and brushing the coat, and keeping the nails trimmed. But watch for the quick though, the area that supplies the blood vessels to the nail, as some dogs need longer nails since their quick is so long, be aware of that for your dog before trimming.

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