By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As we sit around and wait for the Phillies to make a real trade, might as well take some time and think about this week’s Made Up Trade!

If you haven’t read one of these before, make sure you check out the original made-up trade column.

As always, these are constructed by Ethan, and direct at least some of your ire and criticism to him on Twitter @Giles1228.

Sixers Get:

Thabo Selfolosha (1 year, $3.9 million)

Jeremy Lamb (3 years, $2.1 million)

Perry Jones III (3 Years, $1.1 million)

DeAndre Liggins (1 year. $889 thousand)

OKC 2014 First Round Pick

Thunder Gets:

Thaddeus Young (3 years, $8.9 million)

Brandon Bass (2 years, $ 6.5 million)

Courtney Lee (3 years, $5.2 million)

Lavoy Allen (1 year, $3.1 million)

Celtics Get:

Kendrick Perkins (2 years, $8.7 million)

$6.5 Trade Exception from OKC

Why the Sixers make the trade: HAHA! Because it’s a steal, and pretty much accomplishes everything they want to accomplish. They win fewer games, clear the salary of Thad Young, and add young assets and a draft pick. I’m not sure what kind of NBA player Jeremy Lamb can be, but he can certainly start at shooting guard this season. Even though most of these trades have involved Thad Young, it doesn’t mean we don’t love Thad Young.

Why the Thunder do the trade: Because someone has embarrassing photos of Sam Presti and they threatened to put them on the internet if he didn’t do the trade? Well they become immediately better with Young, and add some frontcourt depth with Bass. They also add some backcourt depth with Lee. But about those photos…

Why the Celtics do the trade: they get rid of salary, and allow Kendrick Perkins to waste away where he should be wasting away, in Boston.

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