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Sharing Results Of Medical Tests

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file photo (credit: American Cancer Society)

file photo (credit: American Cancer Society)

(Dr. Brian McDonough) Dr. Brian McDonough
Dr. Brian McDonough has been medical editor at KYW Newsradio for more...
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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - It is a question being asked all over the country now and you might not even know about it. ‘Should patients be given their laboratory results, x-ray and MRI results and official readings and genetic test results right away without a doctor talking to them?”

As part of The Affordable Care Act and Meaningful Use, patients will have access to all of their records and should be able to get them electronically. But should a physician present that information…especially when cancer or life altering diagnoses are a part of the results?

Right now it appears that many decision makers are saying send it out and let the consumers deal with the information the way they wish.

I think everyone should have access to all of their records and there should be no secrets but I am fearful that without guidance or support from a trained professional there could be quick and potentially harmful decisions made by patients getting unfiltered results.

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