By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Numbers of high school students are declining since 2010 and college enrollment is down. Fewer white students are graduating and ethnic minorities and children of immigrants are increasing; but their college rate is low. Happily, several new approaches are reaching bright kids in those groups.

Recently the College Board sent bright-colored envelopes to high school students whose grades suggested they were smart but lived in poor neighborhoods. Packets contained information on getting in, paying for colleges, welcoming schools and vouchers to apply to eight colleges free. College Match is mounting such a project also.

Economist Caroline Hoxby and Sarah Turner of the University of Virginia mailed 40,000 such hip-looking parcels listing specific schools and deadlines, costing only $6 per student. The investment was dramatic. Forty-eight percent more applications were submitted compared to those who didn’t receive information and 40% are more likely to apply to good-match colleges.

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