By Jim Donovan: Officially it’s called the “Affordable Care Act”.  But it’s more often referred to as “Obamacare”.  Whatever you want to call it, and whether you agree with the law or not,  in some form or fashion more of it is coming our way!

With that in mind,  I wanted to alert everyone to some websites that may be useful if you’re among those who will be looking for insurance.
Where you will buy insurance depends on the state in which you reside.   Some states will operate their own health insurance exchanges where individuals and small businesses can shop for policies.  Others states will default to a federally-facilitated Health Insurance Exchange that the federal government is creating.

26 states have chosen not to operate an exchange – among them are New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Beginning on October 1, 2013 residents of those states will be able to purchase insurance by way of a Department of Health and Human Services website.  Right now that website is offering basic information related to the health insurance exchanges that will be operated by the federal government.

In our region, Delaware is creating its own Health Insurance Exchange as a central place to shop for health insurance.   Residents of Delaware can visit for information.

If you live in another state.  The Kaiser Family Foundation has a pretty good website that offers up-to-date information about what is being rolled out in states across the country.  You can find that information at

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