By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You hear it all the time: If you plan to be outdoors for extended periods of time in this sweltering heat, drink plenty of fluids. But what if your religion doesn’t permit you to do so. It’s a problem for Muslims working outdoors during Ramadan.

The stainless steel food cart at 12th and Norris in North Philadelphia was shining brightly in the sun. Inside, Sajid Khan is making lunch for his customers.

“The problem is we use all the time the grill and fryer, so it gets more hot,” he said.

Sajid is a Muslim and fasting for Ramadan. That means no food or fluids — including water — from sunrise to sundown. He says he gets through the day by hydrating before the sun is up and his two brothers help out by rotating shifts throughout the day.

“So after 12:30 I’m going to go to the garage and stay cool while in the meantime he is going to work here,” he said.

Ramadan is a 30 day observance ending August 7th.

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