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Alleged Police Impersonators Wanted In Attempted Robbery of Center City Jewelry Store

By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities are investigating after two suspects allegedly dress like police officers and tried to rob a Center City jewelry store.

It happened along a busy Market Street in broad daylight.

With the word “police” on what appeared to be bullet proof vests, one of the men points his gun directly at two employees who were scared for their lives.

It all happened here at Platinum Jewelers on Market Street right near 12th Street in Center City just before noon on Monday.

“It’s crazy. It [makes] you feel unsafe,” store owner Ofer Yousef said.

Yousef says two men walked in prior and appeared to have acted as lookouts.

Wearing what looks like possible wigs, the two men paid $50 to buy a ring.

Yousef believes they then called in their accomplices to try and rob the place.

“In shock… looked like police officers trying to rob the store,” Yousef said.

An alert employee quickly pushed the silent alarm to notify police – the would-be robbers suspected the real police were on their way.

The two imposters fled with the two other men before they had a chance to steal anything.

All four jumped into the same car and drove away.

The employees were shook up, but they were not injured.


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