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MAPLE SHADE, N.J., (CBS) – Many in New Jersey are bracing for this long week of scorching temperatures.

Rita’s Water Ice has had a steady line of customers buying by the pint. What a better way to beat the heat on a hot night than a cold water ice.

The summer’s fourth heat wave is under way with temperatures in the 90’s predicted for most of the week.  From Philadelphia to Camden County, cooling centers are opened and heat alerts are in effect.

“People with asthma or respiratory issues, simply should not be out in this weather. It’s just very, very dangerous, especially older folks,” said Camden County freeholder Ed McDonnell.

Cherry Hill Library is one of the town’s open cooling centers from 12 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day the thermometer reaches 92 or higher, open to anyone without air conditioning or who finds it too hot to stay home.

“Check on your elderly relatives and friends,” said McDonnell.

“Picture a desert with the humidity added, it’s just like that,” said Mike Jenkins of Maple Shade.

It wasn’t too hot to keep these guys from a game of pickup basketball at Jeff Young Memorial Park. And although a mini-golf course may look cool, it was too hot for takers. The sweltering temperatures didn’t keep the diehards from working on their swing at the range next door, even if they did get a little creative.

“It was hot. You start hitting at least five balls, you’re sweating and you need water, it’s bad,” said golfer Mike Olson.

Drink lots of water, stay away from alcohol, wear light-colored clothing and if you feel you are exhibiting signs of dehydration or heat stroke, you’re advised to call 911.

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