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Indian Wedding Ritual Held On Independence Mall

Baraat, an Indian wedding procession, on Independence Mall. (credit: Molly Daly)

Baraat, an Indian wedding procession, on Independence Mall. (credit: Molly Daly)

Molly Daly Molly Daly
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By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The corner of 5th and Market Streets in front of the National Museum of American Jewish History was the scene of a festive and colorful South Asian custom Saturday morning.

The crowd, from little kids to grandmothers in wheelchairs, was dressed in traditional Indian finery, in white, gold, turquoise, and hot pink, bobbing and clapping to the insistent rhythm of a single drum. I asked Munish what was going on.

“What’s going on is called Baraat, where the groom makes a procession in to the bride’s place,” said Munish.

The museum played that role. Sid said it’s definitely not a typical wedding.

“The bride wears bright red, instead of white – definitely not typical,” said Sid.

He said the groom makes a dramatic entrance.

“In typical Indian ceremonies they ride in on a white horse or on an elephant, but here in America, you don’t want to smell too bad after coming off a horse,” he said.

It was followed by a Hindu ceremony at the Jewish Museum, which just happens to have a monument to Religious Liberty outside.


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