By Jay Lloyd

AVALON, N.J. (CBS) — Following Hurricane Sandy, recreational fishing and crabbing on some of the back bays of the Jersey shore has become a challenge for weekend anglers.

But at least one marina has made a very nice, although expensive, comeback.

“We had about $175,000 worth of damage to our docks,” says Travis Marshall, who operates the popular Avalon Anchorage Marina, where generations of shoregoers have rented small motorized boats for a day of fishing.

Silting of channels and dock approaches spawned by Hurricane Sandy has posed a challenge.  But it’s one that Marshall and others are overcoming.

One answer: flat-bottomed boats that don’t require deep water.

“I have just purchased three new East Coast skiffs,” says Marshall.  “We basically set people up to go fishing. We give them places to go.”

He says his marina can provide the local knowledge that can make your day more successful — and less problematic.  If you are fishing along the back bay channels, he advises, “As the tide goes out, bring the boats back in.”

And there are always tubes, kayaks, and paddleboards.

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