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By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some like it hot, others like it cold.  Is the temperature in your bedroom a source of unrest in your relationship?  Well now you don’t have to just toss and turn; 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan looks at some new products designed to ensure that you both get a good night sleep.

No matter how compatible a couple may be, sleep experts say the bedroom is a big source of disputes when it comes to temperature.  According to Karin Mahoney of the Better Sleep Council these arguments have been around since couples started sleeping together and now the industry is responding.  She says, “Manufacturers kind of heard this and created new technologies that can accommodate couples preferences.”

Sleep Number offers a product called the Dual Temp Layer.  Todd Lewis of Sleep Number says, “It’s a layer that you can add to any mattress, it’s actually the only layer on the market that uses active air technology.”  The Dual Temp Layer offers three cool settings, three warm settings and a fan option offering head to toe comfort.  Two wireless remote controls allow each person to customize their side of the bed.  But the product isn’t cheap, a queen size Dual Temp Layer will run you about $1,700.

Brookstone also offers a version of a mattress topper called the Chilipad.  With this product water is cooled or heated as it flows through soft coils in the mattress pad.  It too has dual temperature control.  Available only online, a queen size Chilipad costs around $900.

Looking for a cheaper solution?  Brookstone also offers a $99 bed fan.  Ginny Fay of Brookstone says, “It solves so many problems.”   The height-adjustable fan sits right against your bed.  Slip it under your top sheet and it blows air directly on the person who prefers to be cooler under the covers.  You control the fan speed using a wireless remote.

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