Cancer Treatment Center Of America Opening Stem Cell Center In NE Phila.

file photo (Credit: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images)

file photo (Credit: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ed Fischer) Lynne Adkins
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By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A local facility is opening a new unit to help patients with certain types of cancer.

The stem cell transplant center at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Northeast Philadelphia will help patients with such cancers as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Dr. Pamela Crilley, chief of medical oncology, says the 17,000 square foot facility has eight rooms for patients undergoing stem cell transplants and more.

“It has a dedicated infusion center for outpatient treatments and it also has a apheresis section where we will collect stem cells. It has cryopreservation laboratory,” Dr. Crilley said this unit will allow the center to treat patients locally, instead of sending them to facilities in other parts of the country.

“We have five facilities and so they may have been treated in a different facility than our location here, so this is really expanding what can be done at this location.”


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