BETHLEHEM, Pa., (CBS) – The search is on tonight for a pair of geese gone missing in the Lehigh Valley.

Thieves made off with the beloved lawn ornaments from a home in Bethlehem, Pa.

Goosetav and Augoosetina, the happy goose couple, have had a home on the posts of the Chuliks’ driveway for more than 20 years.

“Every time I’m out there dressing them, people stop and give a thumbs up.  They’ll wave to me and beep the horn,” said Esther Chulik.

That is, until Wednesday night.

The concrete lawn ornaments were stolen from right in front of their home.

“A man stopped and said, ‘Where are the geese?’  He says, ‘I can’t find my house without them.’  I looked, and they were gone,” said Esther.

The Chuliks had taken the geese off of their posts to do some work. They weigh about 85 pounds each.

“The one goose was sitting right here on Wednesday afternoon at about 3 o’clock. And our bedroom is right here. It’s unbelievable,” said Jack Chulik.

The geese have become quite the local attraction. School buses stop, neighbors honk and the geese even get fan mail.  Esther has made more than 100 outfits for the pair, and she changes them for the seasons.

The couple has been Elvis, Minnie and Mickey, and firefighters and police officers after 9/11. They were stolen once before about ten years ago, and they’ve been vandalized before.

“They’ve burned them. They’ve knocked their heads off. And I keep moving on,” said Esther.

Now, the Chuliks would just like the goosenappers to bring Goosetav and Augoosetina back, with an apology.

“It’s just the idea of our privacy. This close to our home, that somebody had the guts to come here and steal them,” said Jack.

“They’re cowards.  To do something like that to hurt other people; I just don’t think they feel that good about themselves,” said Esther.

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