By Mike Dougherty

By: Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sat down with former President Bill Clinton in Chicago Friday evening to talk about the state’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy. The two spoke for nearly 40 minutes about disaster response and recovery.

Both Clinton and Christie agree it’s wise to spend up-front money to build systems, like dunes for example, to prevent or mitigate future damage.

“We have got to stop waiting for something horrible to happen and then spending 10 times as much as we’d have to spend to keep it from happening,” Clinton said.

“And that’s true. The people of Nebraska should care about it because they’re paying for it,” Christie said. “South Dakota, North Dakota — you’re paying.”

Clinton chimed in, “Arkansas.”

“Arkansas, too. Of course, Mr. President.”

“You paid for us to grow crops for enough years for us to throw some money back.”

Christie says, regardless of political affiliation, just about everyone expects the government to help out residents after a natural disaster, and he believes states should share the burden with the feds.

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