NEW CASTLE, Del. (CBS) – The National Weather Service has confirmed that a low-level tornado did touch down in Newark, Del. on Monday.

A NWS meteorologist says the tornado has been classified as an EF0, the lowest level tornado, and that it was 150 yards wide and 4/10 of a mile in length.

Strong storms swept through much of the region last night, causing widespread damage to homes in New Castle County.  A major clean up was underway on Tuesday.

“I could just feel the wind getting more powerful, so then I hid inside the closet,” Sherry Hess, of Robscott Manor, told Todd Quinones on Monday night (see previous story). “I was just praying that everyone would be alright.”

When a tree crushed a Newark home a couple was inside – 81-year-old Peggy Boyle and her 85-year-old husband, Tom.

“My husband called my name, he said ‘Peggy, come down here and hit the floor.’ I came down. I dropped down to the floor. As soon as I dropped down to the floor, I heard this terrible noise,” said Peggy.

Late Tuesday afternoon, they returned to their home to see if they could get some of their belongings.  They expressed how thankful they are to still have their lives.

“I feel very blessed and that is the most important thing – that my husband and I are both alive,” said Peggy. 

Down trees hit several homes like Sean and Amber Sudler’s.  They are wearing the same clothes as they wore when Eyewitness News interviewed them on Monday.  They say they have no idea when they will be able to safely return.

“It’s crazy because you see your kids’ toys and everything else exposed, and dolls, and family pictures, and you just want to climb in and grab everything but it is just stuff,” said Amber.

Neighbors and volunteers donated food and water as crews cleaned up aftermath  – with hopes of returning to the sense of normalcy.

Officials say seven homes in Robscott Manor are deemed unsafe, displacing seven families.

The important thing in all of this, according to officials, there were no reports of any injuries.

Councilwoman Lisa Killer announced Wednesday that Newark, Delaware residents whose homes were damaged by the a tornado would receive aid.

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