PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chip Kelly says he hasn’t decided on a quarterback. Michael Vick wishes he would, and he’s not the only one.

DeSean Jackson says the team wants to know too, in an interview with NFL Network’s “Total Access” Tuesday.

“I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know. At the same time, the team wants to know too,” said Jackson. “We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback. Whether it is Foles or Vick, I think they would both do a great job and we will be ready for the season.”

The wide receiver was in-studio to talk about his documentary “DeSean Jackson, The Making of a Father’s Dream.” Jackson also talked about the team.

During the early parts of OTAs, Jackson was working with the second and third teams. Jackson said it wasn’t a demotion.

“He was just trying new things with everybody,” Jackson said. “Nothing is set in stone for anybody. Everybody on the team was able to go through first team, second team, third team. At the end of the day, I am very happy where I am at. I am not worried because at the end of the day I am going to out there, put my work in and do what I need to do to get my starting spot and keep it.”

When asked about Kelly’s new offensive system, Jackson says so far, so good.

“It is a blessing for myself because I am able to be moved throughout the offense and not just stay at one position; [I’m] in the backfield, in the slot receiver, getting mismatched on linebackers and strong safeties and things like that.”

In a separate segment, Jackson was joined by NFL Network analysts Warren Sapp, Heath Evans and Darren Sharper talking about New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow.

Jackson said he doesn’t think Tebow can improve as an NFL quarterback.

“Honest opinion I don’t think so because that position is a tough position,” said Jackson. “You have to study that position; not to say he’s not going to study it, but you have to go out there and improve. His improvement I don’t think is going to go too much higher, honestly.”

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