By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The ASPCA is lending its support to their partner shelter in Oklahoma, the Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane), as the facility there experiences an influx of animals affected by the horrendous tornado disaster last week where so many people lost so much.

So many heart wrenching stories have emerged as many are searching for their lost animals but there are also warm stories of those who have been reunited.

The story of Susie, the little Border Collie/Terrier mix who devoutly remained with someone who many believed to have been her companion person was actually reunited with her own family. And although she may not have known the person she stayed with through the rubble and debris, she devotedly remained there out of compassion. Many people are unaware of just how deep a canine’s sense of compassion really is.

Susie stood guard over someone she didn’t know because canines instinctively seek out those in need to supply comfort. That’s why dogs make great companions in many types of therapy in the form of service dogs and therapy dogs. Susie was undoubtedly and instinctively doing her job, providing comfort and support.

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