5 Arrested In High School Fight Captured On Video

Chester Mayor John Lindner said, “We’re going to treat each incident individually. We’re going to investigate it thoroughly and obviously we don’t like having our school district painted in this color or our city in this color.”

Chester Upland School District Receiver Joe Watkins added, “Obviously in an ideal setting, we would have a situation where this would not happen, where this could not have happen and we’re going to investigate and find out what happened.”

Authorities maintain their investigation is far from over adding that Stanley along with four other students including two 16-year-olds may not be the only ones charged in this case. So far, all five students have been charged as adults with Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, Conspiracy, Robbery, Recklessly Endangering, Terroristic Threats and Possession of Instrument of a Crime.

The victim’s father meanwhile hopes everyone responsible will be held accountable.

“You think it’s all fun and games but it isn’t no game out here and you think you’re getting away with it but you’re not.”

Police tell us the incident happened Tuesday afternoon. They confirm they were not notified by the school but rather by a student Tuesday night after the student saw the video on Facebook.

When asked how this incident went undetected by a teacher or staffer and unreported by the school, Watkins said, “We don’t know that yet but we’re investigating and the proper action will be taken when we know.”

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