By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A dog can enhance our lives in so many ways. Amazingly, it goes even beyond the wonderful attributes such as loyalty, devotion and affection. Every day, in many ways, they can bring us comfort and peace; instinctively, they always help us to heal.

That’s why therapy work comes so easy to them. It brings out the emotions in all people, adults and children alike, who have been traumatized, suffering or may not even be able to express how they feel to anyone else.

Canines have a natural gift to seek out the suffering and do what they do best: comfort and show affection unconditionally. The benefits are remarkable.

That’s exactly what several therapy dogs sent from the Lutheran Church Charities in Chicago have been doing this week in the Boston area. Just days after the Boston Marathon tragedy, these wonderful K-9 Comfort Dogs, Isaiah, Luther, Ruthie, Maggie, and Addie, have been bringing smiles and warmth to people who need it most. A few of the dogs have been staying with the children in Newtown, Connecticut since December.

The many who have made a special connection and formed a bond with these loving canines can always stay in touch and follow how they are doing on Twitter and on Facebook (as they now have their own page!)

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