City Officials Trying To Find Money For School District

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file photo (credit: KYW's Mike DeNardo)

file photo (credit: KYW’s Mike DeNardo)

Mike Dunn Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn is City Hall bureau chief for KYW Newsradio 1060. He covers...
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By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - City Council members are wondering how they and the mayor will come up with an extra $60-million for the school district and whether the state will do its share.

The School District wants an extra $60-million from the city and twice that much — $120-million from Harrisburg. At a budget hearing Tuesday, the mayor’s Finance Chief Rob Dubow said it is unlikely that state lawmakers will settle their contribution before June, when city must settle its budget.

This prompted council president Darrell Clarke to ask if the city’s portion could be made contingent on the state doing its part.

“A package deal could be incorporated in a way that (the city’s give) would be contingent on state funding,” Clarke said.

“We should have discussions about the best way to do that,” Dubow said. “I don’t have all the answers on how that would look now.”

“Well who would be developing those?” Clarke asked.

“We (the Administration) would want to be developing that in conjunction with Council.” Dubow said he expects the mayor to put forth a proposal on how to raise the $60 million within the next few weeks.

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