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By Diana Rocco

MAPLE SHADE, N.J., (CBS) — “It was something he treasured and now it’s gone,” Dawn Nehring said of her son, who was victimized on a popular website by what appear to be thieves with experience.

Dawson Nehring, 14, was selling his 2003 Yamaha blast and quad on Craigslist to buy the bike he really wanted. Shortly after posting the ad, he got a text from a man who seemed interested.

“He said I have a GPS, then I just stopped hearing from him,” Dawson said after exchanging texts with the alleged thief.

Dawson waited all night, but the man never showed. The next morning, the bikes were gone. He and his mom quickly realized they were targeted.

“This is what they do, 5 a.m. we woke up, dirt bike was gone, they cut the chain,” Dawson’s mother said.

“The gate was wide open, all the stuff we put in front of it, the car was even parked in front of the gate they got through. He got right around it,” Nehring said.

His mother posted another ad, this one titled stolen and looking for people who have fallen victim to the same scam, maybe even the same guy. Police says it’s been happening more and more, and they have a warning for the public.

“If you are going to have someone meet you or sell something in the paper or online, do not invite them to your home. Arrange to meet in a public place or well lit area. Bring a friend,” said Lt. Jeffery Hoch of the Maple Shade Police Department.

Dawson and his mother believe the thieves are part of bigger ring. They aren’t giving up the search for Dawson’s bikes, but they won’t be using Craigslist anymore.

“I’m going to stop using Craigslist,” said Dawson.

Police say it appears the thief knew exactly what he was doing and they are talking to other departments in the area to see if there are more victims out there.

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