Tasco Grills Nutter’s Chief Of Staff Over Rec Center Renovation Delay

(credit: City of Phila. TV)

(credit: City of Phila. TV)

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By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A city councilwoman’s anger over delays in renovations to a rec center in her district boiled over Tuesday at a budget hearing. She blames the Nutter Administration for deliberately holding up the project.

Ninth District Councilwoman Marion Tasco grilled the mayor’s chief of staff, Everett Gillison, over the year-long delay in the renovation of the Sturgis rec center in East Oak Lane. After Gillison explained that other pressing needs had taken priority, Tasco got fed up:

“There was nothing wrong with that project,” Tasco said. “The money was there. The bid had gone out. The contractor had won the bid.”

(credit: City of Phila. TV)

(credit: City of Phila. TV)

“It does require either my signature or someone else in my office to sign,” Gillison replied.

Tasco cut him off. “Just stop, just stop, just stop, all of this bull—-,”

“Well, I understand how you feel.”

“Just stop.”

Tasco believes the mayor delayed the work as punishment for her opposition last year to the use of PGW money to explore the sale of the city-owned utility.