By Jericka Duncan

WAYNE, Pa., (CBS) – Michael DiTommaso says he saw a blue van in front of his house Tuesday evening in the Deepdale section of Wayne. At first he wasn’t concerned.

“I didn’t act on it because sometimes there are vehicles in the neighborhood,” said DiTommaso.

But now, the father of two believes it could be the same van connected to the man, one neighbor says, tried to lure her son and his friend, into the vehicle, that same day.

According to an email from a member of the Deepdale Civic Association, a man in his fifties with a spanish accent, told the children to quote,”come in the car.” The email also said the man had large plastic toys in the van.

Chris Bennett says she also found out about the attempted luring via email.

Her three children, ages 10 to 6 play outside all the time.

Knowledge of a possible predator on the loose, has her and her husband keeping an even closer watch on their children and the many more who live in this neighborhood.

Tredyffrin Police have yet to comment on the case. Police say they are preparing a press release to alert the public.

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