By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Baseball is back in South Philadelphia.

It may only be an exhibition series at the ballpark, but the winter-like chill was not enough to stop the fans from coming out to the ballpark.

It’s an exhibition game on the field, but it was a mid-season tailgating effort from the fans, like Mike from Marlton, New Jersey.

“Right now we’ve got a fry fest going here, so we’ve got, being as it’s a Friday during lent, we have to stick to seafood, so we’re frying shrimp and frying fish sticks. We’ve got some poppers, we’ve got some sweat potato fries, regular fries, onion rings,” he said.

Mike’s keeping the faith in more ways than one on this Good Friday, but as far as his prediction for the 2013 campaign:

“We’re figuring 95 wins this year. Ninety-five, we’re betting the over.”

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