5:40 President Obama is pushing for an immigration overhaul.

5:41 The Powerball winner from New Jersey has come forward to validate his ticket.

6:10 NBC aired portions of an interview with Jerry Sandusky in a documentary attempting to vindicate Joe Paterno.

6:20 A magazine article details the decline of Matt Lauer and the Today Show.

6:40 Jim Carrey made a music video mocking supporters of gun rights.

6:46 Philadelphia City Council has authorized Mayor Nutter to ban guns in city parks.

6:58 Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey will be featured in a documentary highlighting his work with female inmates.

6:59 There is a  long wait to get tickets to attend the Supreme Court’s hearing on gay Marriage.

7:10 New Jersey and Camden officials agree the state should take over the school district.

7:15 Rand Paul may be trying to find a middle ground between conservatives and libertarians to maintain a base for a presidential run.

7:40 Chris talks to Author Zev Chafets about his new book on Fox News President Roger Ailes.

8:10 Chris talks with Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick about his efforts to restore veterans tuition benefits that were cut by sequestration.

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