By Mike Dougherty

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Penn Vet and Home Depot have joined forces to build an agility course at a working dog training facility in the Grey’s Ferry section of the city.

Volunteers armed with screw guns, saws, and hammers followed blue prints to create ladders, boxes and other complex contraptions.

“We’re building the equipment to help our dogs that are training to become detection dogs to get all aspect of that training, which means agility and confidence.”

Dr. Cindy Otto is executive director of Penn Vet’s working dog facility. She says once training is completed, these pups will help keep us safe.

“What we’re training them to do is the foundation of any kind of search work, which means teaching them to use their noses and be persistent in finding what it is that they need to find.”

The dogs are trained to sniff out human bodies, drugs, explosives and even cancer.

A grant from the Home Depot, as well as man power from some of its employees, helped make this project possible.

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