By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Federal officials admitted to poor financial management in the federal Job Corps program during a hearing yesterday chaired by Senator Bob Casey. Casey wants a freeze on new enrollment in the program lifted.

Casey called the hearing after the Labor Department imposed a freeze on Job Corps, a move that cost nearly 200 disadvantaged youth in Philadelphia alone the opportunity for training.

Assistant Labor Secretary Jane Oates testified the freeze was the result of a shortfall, in 2011, which, she admitted was a result of mismanagement.

Job Corps lacked appropriate program monitoring tools and control protocols which in turn led to inadequate spending projections for the operations account.

Oates said the problems had been corrected and the freeze was temporary to get the budget back in line. Casey says he appreciates the candor but wants them to take other measures.

“So they can lift the enrollment freeze so we can get more students through the door and get them on a career path and get them the job skills they need.”

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