By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The political power of Latinos in America is growing.

Nelson Diaz was both the youngest and first Latino judge elected in Pennsylvania. He talks about the one dramatic breakthrough in Latino power in this country.

“It wasn’t until I think Obama was able to coalesce a relationship that related to immigration and the lack of support on the other side that you had this upheaval in the country. And as a result there were 11 million voters out of 23 million who were registered. So we still had a low turn out of voters by you had 11 million voters who came out and it was really the pivotal point.”

For Farah Jimeniz, who runs the people’s emergency center in Philadelphia and a Republican party activist, says there is a thrill about the fact that her party seems ready for compromise in passing a solid immigration bill with a realization that the Latino vote is key to winning future national elections.

“What’s great is that both parties have a real interest in solving this immigration issue and I think we’re going to finally see a piece of legislation come out of our Congress and our White House that both parties can agree on.”

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