By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Co-created by a University of Pennsylvania Graduate, “On the Rebound” is a free Facebook app that lets users discover which of their friends are both single and likely interested.

On the Rebound users visit the website and connect with their Facebook account. The app then returns the top friends who are most compatible and likely to go out with you.

So, we decided to test it out.

Temple student Maz Mema says, “What you think you are comparable with doesn’t show up. You become 27 percent compatible, 20 percent compatibility — and people you don’t expect to be compatible with you are 75 percent compatible with, so that’s just strange.”

And on his top ‘match’? “I had one class with her, so, surprised? Yes.” Maz has no intentions of reconnecting with any of his matches.

But not everyone is into these matchmaking apps. Like Rashawn Williams, who says, “I like doing a lot of things organically. I feel like technology takes away from our functions as organisms, so personally nah that’s not really my taste.”

Genevieve Gillespie agrees, “I don’t think compatibility can be determined by percentages or numbers. I think that it depends on the unique relationship between two people and sometimes they may be completely different.”

On the Rebound does not publish the results to anyone’s timeline or news feed. The results stay with the user.

The creators say that the site is mainly for fun but are working on making the results more accurate.

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