By Michelle Durham

By Michelle Durham

LIMERICK, Pa (CBS) – The tragic death of Merinda Peitrafitta Thompson of Royersford, struck by a car as she was jogging along a Limerick Township road, is yet another reminder for runners to keep safety in mind as they lace up their running shoes.

Lower Gwynedd police chief John Scholly says the age old tips still hold true. Wear reflective clothing, run against the flow of traffic so you can see the oncoming cars, keep the music volume low on your headphones, and make sure to take your cell phone which should have “ice” listed in the directory, which stands for in case of emergency.

“Emergency services people will look for that. Normally it would be someone very close to you so one call you can make an identification.”

Scholly says joggers should map out their route before they leave and choose a trail over a street whenever possible. In the meantime, those who knew Merinda are still struggling to deal with her death. Tim Carroll is the President of Linear Acoustic.

“She had that Philadelphia wit. She was a sharp woman. She could dish it out and take it just like the rest of the team.”

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