By Mark Abrams

ROME (CBS) – As the Cardinals prepare to enter the conclave to elect a new Pope, there are some activists who are calling on them to pick someone prepared to reform the church, especially when it comes to the role of women.

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish, belongs to the Sisters of Notre Dame and is active in the Philadelphia chapter of Voices of the Faithful. The organization stands in support of survivors of clergy sexual abuse, backs priests who demonstrate integrity, and seeks a greater role for women and the laity in the church.

Right now, Sister Maureen says, women are treated as second-class citizens.

“Jesus didn’t say women can’t be priests. He didn’t say that anyplace. It’s not in the Gospels anywhere. If we’re going to follow a literal sense, then all the priests should be Jewish.”

Sister Maureen says the church hierarchy also should release priests from their vow of celibacy and allow them to marry if they so chose.

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